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Grim Leaper Studios

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

March 2023-


Grim Leaper Studios is a company I co-founded together with my friends. Having worked on our first game for half a year, we wanted to release it online under a collective, and thus we decided to create Grim Leaper Studios.

I am currently the Lead Developer within the company. I ensure that all code written meets our standards. Besides that, I also mainly work on the procedural level generation within our game, an ever-evolving system.

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)

Bachelor Creative Media & Game Technologies

September 2019 -


After my previous study, I decided to enrol at the HKU because it aligns with my own goals and skill sets.

Here I can apply my skills and creativity and bring them to a new level. My primary interest is procedural generation, and I continually try to apply some form of procedural generation within the projects I get.

Alfa-College Groningen

Diploma Software Developer (Creative)

September 2016 -

May 2019

I studied game development at Alfa-College Groningen for three years (previously 4) to obtain my Diploma in Software Developer.

I gained experience working in Unity, Visual Studio, Blender, Animate (formerly Flash) and Photoshop.

With these tools, I learned how to work with the Game Artist students to make games. These skills were then applied during my internships to prove and elevate my skills.

With my degree, I decided to enrol at the HKU.

University of Groningen (RUG)

Intern Gamedeveloper

March 2019 -

April 2019

This was the final internship I completed for the MBO diploma. During this internship, I was tasked with cleaning up, debugging, and preparing a previous project from students for release.

This game was designed to teach children the correlations between objects and people. The data gathered from this study would then be used to alter existing teaching methods.

This was a relatively short internship, but it was a lot of work due to the way the project was left.

Because of the short length of my internship, I learned to schedule my tasks and communicate this with my supervisor. 

I worked in Unity 3D and C#

Reference Letter


Intern Application Developer

November 2018 -

March 2019

My internship at deFine was more related to IT work than to game development. The smaller side-projects that I worked on would connect with the main projects.

One of my jobs was to make an Android Application for their newest product, a Sound system that worked only with Ethernet cables. The application would run on smaller tablets that would be installed within the walls and connected to the system to allow access to all sound systems and radio channels.

I worked in Visual Studio with C# along with Trello.

University of Groningen (RUG)

Intern Gamedeveloper

May 2018 -

July 2018

The University of Groningen was where I did my first internship. Here, I was tasked with creating a game with a Game artist. This game was designed to investigate how people say the word 'potato' in Frisian. It turns out there are many ways to say potato in Frisian.

The player would hear one of the potato pronunciations pronounced in Frisian, and then asked where they thought this pronouncement originated from within Friesland.

Data would be collected and used to map out where people think the pronunciations originate from.

I worked with Unity and C#. I also worked on Databasing and collected data.

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