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Juicy Dungeon

Juicy Dungeon was our project for a free assignment. We all wanted to try something different, I created a Procedural Level Generator that would be more likely to be used for dungeons to try to create a more “open” dungeon. The player isn't bound to an underground setting, but instead gets the feeling they reside on something alike of a mountain top.

We wanted to focus on making this game feel “Juicy” in the form of combat and movement. Unfortunately, we all encountered some hard times during this project, which is why we were unable to complete what we had in vision, this project should be seen as an early prototype and nothing more.

My involvement in this project was:

Procedural Level Generation, Player Behaviour, Enemy Behaviour and Boss Behaviour. I mainly focused on PLG since that is what I am most interested in. I took a basic generation approach, so I would have more time for the other mechanics in the game.

The algorithm I followed was something I came up with on my own (not saying I'm the first one to use this algorithm), I wanted to see how far I could come without any external reference or help. I'm pretty satisfied with the end product, but would have wished to have more time to work on the generator.

Git Repo

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