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Action-Roguelike Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawler

“As the controlling influence of the Lich spreads across the Spirit Realm, a lone spirit's fury is ignited. Confront the shadowy Beasts and absorb their power as you fight your way through the Lich's domain to put an end to his tyranny.”


Discover the hand-drawn world of the afterlife - the Spirit Realm - and set out to free its inhabitants of the ever-spreading influence of the Lich. Slash, dash, and shoot your way through the twisting paths and halls of the Lich's domain. Defeat enemies and become stronger, then make your enemies stronger to then become even more powerful yourself. Evolve your strategies and venture forth, until you finally defeat the Lich and break his all-controlling curse.


My Involvement

For Lichbound I worked on the Procedural Level Generation, Combat systems, Upgrade system and making sure the code is clean and consistent (to a certain extent). For the first couple of months, I tried creating a level generator that suits our needs, this was more of a challenge than I origanally anticipated, and it was made more difficult when we switched from a placeholder environmental asset pack, to our own original art. This prompted me to create a system that works more like a puzzle. We (the developers) create nice-looking rooms and simply tell the algorithm where to connect rooms to each other. This way we have entire agency on the looks, layout, and feeling of each individual room, but the benefits of a procedural level generator.

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