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Return to Nature

In the future, nature has become a sacred thing, in a similar vein to Shintoism. Humanity has dedicated huge areas as “sacred grounds” where nature is allowed to grow wild. Humans normally aren’t allowed inside, with one exception. When someone is about to die, they are allowed to make a sacred ground their final resting place. To do so, they make a spiritual pilgrimage to sacred ground.


In our game, you play as an old lady who is making this pilgrimage. In each city, you visit you plant a seed, leaving behind a piece of nature in the human world, as you journey to become one with nature in its world. The final place you visit, the sacred ground, the seed you plant, is your body. Your corpse will become fertilizer for nature again.


My Roles and Involvement

Lead Developer, Level Designer and Play tester

This project wasn't much of a programming challenge as the focus was put on story and narrative and not so much on mechanics.

Git Repo

Project_Jia: HTML Embed
Project_Jia: Pro Gallery
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