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Grim Leaper Studios has arrived!

Finally! After months of working on our IP, we decided to found our company, Grim Leaper Studios!


Why now?

After working on Lichbound for half a year, we decided to take things more seriously. We intend to launch our game on Steam sometime in the future, but we wanted to avoid releasing it under one of our names, but rather as a game studio.

Our team is currently in the process of cleaning up any temporary systems and ensuring that the game runs smoothly from beginning to end, and adding new and improved assets. Since we are in the early stages of the actual development phase of our game, we have a lot of work to do, but we believe we can start early play testing in the near future. Stay tuned for our announcement when we are looking for play testers.


What's to come?

For now, our primary focus is on our game, Lichbound. It is unclear what the future will bring for us, whether we succeed and our game becomes a hit or if we eventually fade into obscurity. I hope we will stay around after Lichbound is released and maybe make new games or add content to existing ones.


Where can you find us?

Because we just founded our studio and are very busy with our game, we don't have many places yet where to find us. However, we are excited to expand our brand.

For now, you can find us here:

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Jul 20, 2023
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