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Working on my own Procedural Level Generator.

For my most recent school project I took the task of Generating procedural "Dungeons". For our game we actually didn't want to generate a dungeon like you would normally see.

An example of your typical dungeon

But for our Levels we wanted to generate some kind of "dungeon" with a more open feeling to it, almost like it's just part of a massive world. But this was maybe a bit too ambitious for just a team of 3 (2 developers, 1 artist). So we have been looking at ways to create the same feeling, but without the actual creation of a world around the dungeon.

A Corner piece of our dungeon assets. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

The "Algorithm" I used was based on just my thoughts alone, I'm sure that what I created is very similar to existing algorithms. I Refer to my algorithm as "Pathways First", It's a technique where you place the path of the whole level first, to then generate the room at specific turning points. This creates a level that always connects and never leaves a dead-end, except for dead-end rooms of course.

The reason I choose this method was because it was the most logical to me for this project. You avoid the whole issues of having to connect the rooms individually and check if there are no overlaps, if all the rooms are connected, etc.

Previews of the generated "Dungeons" within our game.

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