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Action-Roguelike Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawler

Discover the hand-drawn world of the afterlife - the Spirit Realm - and set out to free its inhabitants of the ever-spreading influence of the Lich. Slash, dash, and shoot your way through the twisting paths and halls of the Lich's domain. Defeat enemies and become stronger, then make your enemies stronger to then become even more powerful yourself. Evolve your strategies and venture forth, until you finally defeat the Lich and break his all-controlling curse.


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About Me

Hey there, my name is Jaydee Alkema. Currently, I am studying for a Bachelor of Creative Media & Game Technologies at HKU.

I've been working on games for about 8 years, and I'm currently working on procedural level generation.

Since childhood, it has been my dream to be a game developer. I love the feeling of creating something together with others completely from scratch, and the joy it can bring to people.

"Failure is the start of your journey, not the end."

About Me

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Discord: _jaydee


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